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Blitzhive is a CMS(content management system): simple, light and fast. It is parepared to work in PHP servers nosql, that means you don't need any SQL or DataBases to run it. Blitzhive is free(GNU) and you can use it where you prefer to create your blog or forum.

Download blitzhive to make your forum/blog without SQL

Installation of CMS Blitzhive

1- Download: Blitzhive.zip and unzip it.

2- Edit config.php and change the var $cnfAdm='blitz'
type your admin name example: $cnfAdm='admin'.

3- Upload files, go to http://yourwebsite/register.php and add the new user admin.

4- Log in using the new user 'admin' go to admin.php.

5- Set your CMS, :).

English forum--> http://blitzhive.com/English/
Report bugs--> http://blitzhive.com/Bugs/
Add improvements--> http://blitzhive.com/Mejoras/